Cat's Claw for Cellulite

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The herb named Cat’s Claw may be an exciting new discovery in the fight against cellulite. Cat’s Claw is a vine that belongs to the family Rubiaceae, Genus Uncaria and Species Tormentosas. Found in the Amazon and parts of Central and South America, Cat’s Claw goes by the name Una de Gato. The claw-like thorns protruding from the vine gives it the name Cat’s Claw.

Medicinal Properties of Cat’s Claw

For at least 2,000 years, the Ashaninka Indian Tribe of Peru who provide the world with the biggest source of Cat’s Claw have understood and used its medicinal properties for many remedies. Cat’s Claw is used for cellulite treatment because of its anti inflammatory properties and is well known in helping arthritis, rheumatism and gout by increasing blood flow. It is the same property of cat’s claw that makes it an effective anti cellulite treatment.

Treating cellulite with Cat’s Claw

Increased blood circulation activates the cells and this prevents the fat deposits accumulating under the skin cells. The liquid extract of the inner bark of the cat’s claw vine can be applied orally to stimulate cell activity. Internal intake of cat’s claw extracts may not reach the affected parts of the skin. An oral application directly on the problem patches will allow the herb to act quickly and effectively. We were only able to find one commercially available cats’ claw anti cellulite cream. Application of this cream is supposed to stimulate the cells and give them increased elasticity. Cell activity in turn burns the fat accumulated and reduces the appearance of dimpled skin.

cellulite treatment Studies of Cat’s Claw for Cellulite Treatment

Experiments of cat’s claw’s effectiveness as an anti cellulite treatment are at the initial stages. With the exception of many satisfied customers there are no dermatological case studies. This is why the FDA has not evaluated cat’s claw products at present conclusively with having proven anti inflammatory properties.

Cat’s Claw for Cellulite: Final Word

When the FDA clears cat’s claw as an effective cellulite treatment, it will go a long way in treating cellulite with a natural application and without recourse to surgery or other treatments with side effects.

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