Cellulite Reduction Beauty Tips

I'm sure you have come across countless tips to reduce cellulite. So how do you know which ones actually work? Try listening to a beauty expert.

Below we have the best of the best cellulite reduction tips given by authors of beauty books. Read on.

 Brush Away Cellulite

cellulite treatment There are many expensive massage treatments for cellulite reduction. However, you can follow the same method in your very own home. It's called dry brushing.

Buy a shower brush with soft bristles and massage it over problem areas for ten minutes a day. Make sure you massage your skin while it is dry and in circular rotations.

This technique not only feels good but it helps remove toxins from the body, improve blood circulation and muscle tone. It also aids in the breakdown of cellulite and helps reduce that jiggle.

- Dawn Gallagher, "Naturally Beautiful."

Aveda Cellulite Reduction

A natural remedy to reduce cellulite is mixing a base oil with coriander, thyme, wintergreen and carrot essential oil. Next, massage this oil over cellulite affected areas.

It's thought that this cellulite reduction method works by stimulating circulation and helping the body purge itself of the toxins that get trapped in cellulite. I'm not aware of any medical research specifically done on this remedy but it's worked for me and a lot of my friends.

- Horst Rechelbacher, "Aveda Rituals."

Cellulite Coffee Scrub

Caffeine when applied topically is an extremely powerful ingredient in cellulite creams because of its ability to shrink fat cells. A great way to reduce cellulite at home is to create your own cellulite-reducing coffee scrub.

Simply warm coffee grounds and apply them to problem areas with a wash cloth. Next wrap the area with plastic wrap for ten to fifteen minutes. Water helps to leach the caffeine and other alkaloids out of the coffee and the cloth keeps them close to your skin. The warmth of the water helps to open your pores and absorb caffeine, which reduces cellulite by stimulating circulation and helping the body shed fluids.

I've heard of some people who leave the coffee against their skin for up to an hour -- but you should be warned, even though this is a great cellulite reduction method, it can temporarily stain your skin brown!

- Diane Irons, "Teen Beauty Secrets."

Squats for Cellulite Reduction

Squats are a fundamental exercise to firm our common problem areas. However, most people forget a second step which works to reduce cellulite.

After squatting, women should place their weight on one leg then another, sort of like rocking side to side. This helps to work the muscles that line the outsides of your thighs. Unless you're an ice skater you probably don't use these muscles very often. This addition to the squat aids in cellulite reduction on both legs.

- Amy E. Newburger, "Looking Good at Any Age."

Protein Boost

Building muscle helps in cellulite reduction by eliminating fat -- which obviously contributes to cellulite. A great way to build muscle is eating a little protein each day.

Now, this doesn't mean you should go and eat a bunch of peanut butter! Choose your protein from sensible sources for optimal cellulite reduction.

- Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley, "The Beauty Bible."

Cellulite-reducing Salt Solution

Another effective cellulite scrub is a salt scrub. Try rubbing cellulite affected areas with Epsom salts (you can usually find this in the drugstore) while in the shower. The salts extract trapped moisture from your cellulite while stimulating circulation.

This anti-cellulite scrub also helps firm and tighten skin which aids in cellulite reduction. But remember not to scrub too hard -- you can easily injure your skin.

- Diane Irons, "911 Beauty Secrets."

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