Celebrities With Cellulite

Celebrities with celluliteAs most women know, there is something devilishly satisfying about seeing our fave celebrities sporting that cottage cheese skin condition known as cellulite!  With delight and glee we tee-hee over the fact that, despite being perfect, eating healthy, and having a host of personal trainers at their beck and call, screen and music sirens can be privy to an occasional butt and thigh dimple or too. Even pencil thin celebrities like Paris Hilton join the ranks of celebrities with cellulite, as does size 2 Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Why do we find this fact enormously gratifying? Simply put, we want our idols to have clay feet.

Yes, we do like to live vicariously through celebrity exploits, imaging the "beautiful people" indulging in wildly fantastic adventures beyond our own fantasies and dreams; however, our emotions are mixed on the subject.  I mean, lets face it, when women think of someone like Angelina Jolie snuggling up to hunk-o-rama Brad Pitt; we both envy and hate her.

So, it does us a wee bit of good to note that she not only has stretch marks from popping out a few kiddo's, she has a bit of cellulite to boot.

Many women in Hollywood try to keep such info concealed (and rightfully so—considering how Britney Spears was blasted for her figure flaws after the birth of her baby),  but others have no real shame in their games.

Take for instance, Tyra Banks, who was quick to point out that her gorgeous photo images are air brushed. "I have cellulite, not just on my booty, but on my arms…"  She one remarked, stating she didn't like her body that much.

Celebrities with Cellulite Try Costly Spa Treatments

Kim Kardashian celluliteDon't celebrities with cellulite have the ability to get rid of cellulite? You would think so—if nothing else, they can afford the expensive laser surgery that supposedly zaps cellulite away.  I think the fact that they do not choose this option often is a testament to the fact that the procedure may not work so well.

After ex-friend Paris Hilton said her butt looked like "cottage cheese in a garbage bag," Kim Kardashian was so mortified that she headed straight out for expensive medical cellulite treatment. Even Kendall Jenner is getting shamed for it!

Using laser heat, massage, or radiowaves to break up cellulite and boost circulation, other spa cellulite treatments include Endermologie and Acoustic Wave Therapy. Licensing and doctor's supervision is not required.

The necessary multiple sessions will only get rid of cellulite temporarily, but you will be permanently parted from $1500 - $3000.

Celebrities with Cellulite – what treatment should they use?

The Hollywood elite often run to the cosmetic surgeon to fix a whole host of ills—why not cellulite? Stars may be more concerned with things like breast sizes or facial reconstruction when it comes to cosmetic enhancements.  Their busy schedules may only permit a concentration on certain aspects of beauty, and in their minds, they can easily get rid of cellulite by airbrushing it away or wearing makeup.

Celebrities can do what most of us do to get rid of their own cellulite permanently. Many celebrities would be surprised to learn that cellulite treatment creams get rid of cellulite. No matter who you are, where you come from or what you do, 90% of women have cellulite. However, with the advances of modern technology, we may be able to make cellulite a thing of the past! Visit our best cellulite cream reviews section.

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