Endermologie as a Cellulite Treatment

Endermologie is a new cellulite treatment many women are interested about since it is non invasive; meaning no surgery is performed. The technique is so gentle and effective, it is slowly becoming one of the most popular cellulite treatments today. With results as losing up to 3 inches in cellulite, it's no wonder women can't stop talking about it.

So what is Endermologie and how does it work? Below are interesting Q & A's on Endermologie so that you too can catch up on this popular cellulite treatment.

endermologieWhat is Endermologie?

Endermologie was originally developed in the 1980's as a non-surgical method to treat scars in burn victims. These patients began to notice improvements in their cellulite and soon endermologie was considered by the FDA the first cellulite treatment.

Endermologie is a massage machine with two rollers that when rolled over the top layer of fat makes a fold. This folding action stretches the connective tissue that traps cellulite underneath the skin. As the skin stretches the appearance of cellulite is reduced along with inches of your cellulite and body measurements. The benefits of endermologie are increased circulation, relief of muscular pain, reduction of muscle spasms and cellulite.

Does Endermologie reduce cellulite?

Yes. Endermologie has been extensively studied and approved by the FDA to specifically make the claim that it does reduce cellulite.However, it does not permanently remove cellulite. Results can last anywhere from 6 months to year.

How many Endermologie treatments are necessary?

Anywhere from 14-28 treatments are usually recommended. Treatments can be performed as often as 1-2 times a week for optimal results. Treatments last as long as 30 minutes.

When will I begin to see results?

Endermologie does not provide dramatic results right away. You will notice results usually after 6 treatments.

Is Endermologie better than liposuction?

Absolutely. Actually any cellulite cream or treatment is better than liposuction. Liposuction does not reduce cellulite but only makes it worse! Liposuction removes fat from the middle layer of skin, leaving the top layer of skin still dimpled and full of cellulite. Endermologie works directly on the dimpled top layer of skin, breaking up the fat trapped underneath effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Is the Endermologie painful?

Not at all! It's as relaxing and soothing as a deep tissue massage.

Endermologie Side Effects

Similar to a deep tissue massage you will experience an overall feeling of relation. You may also experience temporary bruising; which is a common result of deep tissue massage.

Can’t I achieve these results on my own?

While there are many hand-held massagers you can use at home you may not experience the same result as an endermologie treatment. Home treatments do not have the same power and capability as sophisticated endermologie machines. The results of home machines also have not been researched or tested as an effective cellulite treatment as of yet.

Endermologie cost

Each endermologie center has its own way of pricing endermologie sessions. Prices range from $50 to $150 per session. Many centers offer packages and discounts for multiple sessions. Twenty treatments at $100 each would cost $2,000.

Are Endermologie results permanent?

No. After endermologie treatments it's very important to stay away from factors which contribute to cellulite. If conditions are not changed, the cellulite will return in the state it was before. Doctors recommend patients exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet and go in for 1-2 endermologie treatments per month for optimal results.

Is Endermologie the best cellulite treatment?

It all depends. If you're looking for dramatic results and long lasting results, endermologie is not for you. Mesotherapy is a more effective spa cellulite treatment than endermologie because results last longer. However, mesotherapy requires needle injections to specific areas in the body with cellulite. If you hate needles and are looking for a non-invasive spa cellulite treatment, endermologie is your best bet.

If you are having sticker shock over the $2,000 price tag of 20 endermologie treatments at $100 each, consider a cellulite cream. Cellulite creams are inexpensive, effective, and can be used in the privacy of your own home.

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