Cellulite Treatment vs. Cellulite Removal: What’s the Difference?

Nobody wants to walk around with the dreaded “cottage cheese” thighs. But what is the best way to firm your skin, and banish those unsightly skin dimples from your hips, thighs, and posterior? Should you be looking for ways to treat your cellulite condition, or trying to physically remove it completely from your body?

More importantly, what exactly is the difference between “cellulite treatment” and “cellulite removal?"

Below, we’ll have answers to these essential questions and more. Everything you need to know for making your own decision can be found within this informative article.

How Cellulite Treatments Differ from Cellulite Removal

There are different forms of cellulite treatment available for those who don’t want to risk an invasive removal procedure. Basically, cellulite treatment involves applying some sort of topical pressure or substance – sometimes both – to your cellulite in order to physically restructure your skin and make the valleys and mounds of cellulite less visible.

Physical Cellulite Removal Treatment: using heat, massage, suction, or some combination thereof to stimulate cellulite-afflicted skin. In theory, this physical stimulation encourages your skin to rebuild sagging collagen structures, making it firmer and less prone to cellulite.

Topical Cellulite Removal Treatment: using a cellulite cream to restore damaged collagen, burn away fat cells directly beneath the skin’s surface, and flush away excess fluid retention which may bunch up the skin and make cellulite more visible. These creams are usually coupled with massage, boosting their effectiveness.

Physical treatments are more popular at high-end beauty salons. They usually come in packages of 3 or more, and can cost up to several hundred dollars per treatment. For some women, this particular form of cellulite elimination is highly effective; for others though, especially those whose cellulite problems are more severe, these treatments often fall short of achieving complete cellulite removal.

Topical creams can be hit-and-miss, depending on the manufacturer and the particular formula of the cream. If you think a topical cellulite cream might be right for you, look for products with caffeine and natural botanical extracts as their main ingredients. Never go for harsh, synthetic chemicals. They can cause skin allergies, and generally aren’t as effective or as readily absorbed by your body as natural botanicals are.

What about Cellulite Removal? Is it Right for Me?

The answer to that question will vary wildly from person to person. Based on your individual needs, cellulite treatment may be enough. But for extremely severe cases, you may need to investigate different options for removing cellulite.

Luckily, most removal procedures are often minimally invasive, although they can be expensive (expect to spend a few thousand dollars at least). It usually involves some sort of laser being inserted just under the skin to burn away fat deposits and remodel broken collagen structures. There is usually some pain, often with a lot of bruising. But you should be able to get back to work within a few days if your skin heals properly. Therefore, if you have the disposable income and you think you can take the pain of cellulite surgery, it could be a viable option.

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