Can the Synergie Anti-cellulite Massage Machine Cure Your Cellulite Woes?

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How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Specifically, how do you feel when you look at your problem areas - your hips, buttocks, thighs, and lower abdomen? Do you like what you see? Or are you, like so many other millions of women worldwide, displeased at the lumpy, uneven appearance of cellulite on your skin?

These questions may seem unpleasant or feel uncomfortable to answer, but they are important to your self confidence and overall well-being. Just remember that you're not alone - as we stated above, millions of women suffer from the problem of "cottage cheese" skin.

There are different methods for eliminating cellulite from areas of your body where fat accumulation is most common. Some of these methods include creams, simple massage, or even surgery. Still others, like the Synergie anti-cellulite machine, combine anti cellulite massage techniques with the miracle of modern science. If you're interested in learning more about Synergie treatments, just keep reading our in-depth review.

What is Synergie?

Synergie Anti-cellulite Massage MachineSynergie is a very specific type of anti cellulite massage machine that doctors and Salon estheticians use in order to erase cellulite from your body. Unlike other anti cellulite massage machines, the Synergie system uses a special mechanical head which is affixed to the end of their vacuum suction hose. This unique design, according to the manufacturer of Synergie, is more capable than other machines of breaking up the "hairnet" of connective tissue that is responsible for the lumpy, unattractive appearance of cellulite on your body.

When you go in for Synergie treatment, you will have to put on pantyhose for treatment on problem areas below the waist. You will also need to wear a tight-fitting, smooth fabric garment for any treatment required above the waist. Your doctor or salon technician will turn on the machines vacuum suction and spend several minutes slowly and gently gliding the specialized massage head over the surface of your skin, on top of the fabric. Your technician will adjust the strength of the vacuum suction for both tolerable comfort and maximum effectiveness.

How Soon will Synergie Give You Results?

Your results will depend on a number of different factors. Women who follow a diet and exercise program and try to lose weight while undergoing Synergie treatments will see the best results. You will also be required to drink more water and to stay very well hydrated in order to flush all of the toxins out of your body. This encourages circulation of the lymphatic system. Such circulation helps eliminate the toxic byproducts of cellulite destruction from your system.

It can be hard to find honest customer reviews with regard to the Synergie experience. However, we did find one customer who, although happy at first with her treatments, discontinued future maintenance follow-ups. She said that while she was dieting and exercising and losing weight, these cellulite treatments seemed to work very well. But once she went through a lull in her Fitness activity, it seemed as though the Synergie wasn't effective at all. Granted, her results may not be typical. That's up to you to talk with a professional and figure out whether a Synergie treatment is the best option for eliminating your cellulite problems.

Is Synergie An Effective Cellulite Cure?

It is difficult to say whether or not Synergie is a sure-fire cure for cellulite woes. On the one hand, the technology and the physical design of the machine seem to be cutting edge as far as anti cellulite massage tools are concerned. The treatment seems simple enough, and doesn't appear to be very invasive or run the risk of seriously injuring patients, unlike other cellulite removal methods.

On the other hand, based on the manufacturer's suggestions and honest customer reviews that we found online, it seems as though you will be responsible for doing most of the work - and that the machine, if it does anything at all, will be only a minor part of your cellulite removal strategy. Exercise, losing weight, eating a healthier diet, and staying well-hydrated in order to flush the toxins out of your body are common sense things any woman can do at any time in order to reduce the appearance of her cellulite. So the big question is: are the fantastic results that Synergie promises the result of their machine, or of the physical efforts their patients make to lose weight and improve their overall health and appearance?

If you don't feel like wasting a lot of money on a "maybe", we understand. Take a look at some of our highly recommended cellulite cream reviews - trust us, there aren't any "maybe" cures on this list!

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