Kim Kardashian has Cellulite?!?

Kim Kardashian celluliteSultry, raven-haired Playboy Bunny and curvaceous beauty Kim Kardashian certainly has no shortage of admirers. Even so, she recently admitted to getting several body-shaping treatments in an effort to get rid of cellulite. This admission came right on the heels of her former friend Paris Hilton's catty comments, which described Kardashian's backside as "disgusting," saying it looks like "cottage cheese stuffed in a garbage bag."

Although Paris later apologized, it must have really struck a cord with Kim, because she rushed off for expensive medical cellulite treatments to get rid of the "unsightly cellulite" that her one time gal pal made fun of.

The sad thing is, Kim Kardashian is a ravishing beauty with or without cellulite and should realize that having cellulite doesn’t make you any more or less a woman…. however, since we know people tend to judge us by our appearance, if there are ways to put our best foot forward, we should always strive to do so.

Kim Kardashian Complex Pictures

Kim Kardashian cellulite before and after airbrushingThe latest Kim Kardashian cellulite kerfuffle involves a photo set shot for the new issue of Complex magazine. The Complex website posted the un-touched-up versions of Kim Kardashian’s pics by mistake.

Ms. Kardashian stood in all her curvaceous glory. Her thighs are heavily-dimpled with the distinctive orange-peel look texture of cellulite.

Kim tried to downplay the mistake. “So what – I have a little cellulite,” Kardashian said. On the other hand, she also told the world that her thighs no longer require Photoshopping for prime time: “…I was gearing up for my fitness DVD and you should see my thighs now!!! Ha ha!”

Surgery to get rid of Cellulite

Liposuction surgery to get rid of cellulite can be dangerous, semi-permanent and may not even work. There is even some potential health risks involved. A whopping 62 percent of people who try laser related surgeries are unhappy with the results. According to ABC news statistics and the cosmetology patients on RealSelf.com, there is talk of class action lawsuits in this regard.

Spa Treatments for Cellulite

Spa Cellulite Treatments have become the hottest thing in celebrity cellulite removal. Procedures include Endermologie and Acoustic Wave Therapy. These cellulite treatments use massage, heat, or radiofrequency to improve circulation and attempt to dissolve cellulite. Simply a temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite, are the multiple sessions totaling $1,500 - $3,000 worth the time and money?

If you are a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, spa cellulite treatments might be how you get rid of cellulite. Those on a budget should look into more cost effective options of cellulite removal.

best cellulite creamWhat cellulite cream should Kim Kardashian use?

The best option is to use a cellulite reduction cream. There are plenty of manufacturers out there who make such products; however, you want to be assured that the product works.

One way to determine that is by the ingredients list, as there are certain botanicals and herbs that have been scientifically and clinically proven to reduce cellulite, in some cases, removing it for good.

Women like Kim Kardashian need to realize that surgery may not be the answer to their problems with cellulite. Cellulite creams are a cheaper, safer alternative to surgery. Visit our best cellulite cream reviews section.



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