Cosmetyn Cellulite Therapy Review

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Cellulite, those pebbly, unattractive fat deposits that seem not to respond to any kind of diet or exercise, can plague even otherwise thin people. Many products on the market claim to reduce or eliminate cellulite. There are also a wide variety of home remedies, massage therapies, and spa treatments that work to reduce cellulite. Many of these treatments, though, are very expensive. Some haven't proven their effectiveness in spite of their high cost.

What's the best way to reduce or eliminate cellulite, then? Some home remedies are effective, while some spa treatments are also effective but quite pricey. Some women even resort to surgery or liposuction, which is even more costly and which doesn't address the true causes of cellulite. A high-quality cellulite cream, though, can provide fast, dramatic results for a fraction of the cost of a spa treatment or surgery.

Cosmetyn ingredients

Cosmetyn cellulite creamIngredients in Cosmetyn like Phaseolus Lutanus Extract and Rutin help the body build collagen and elastin, supportive tissue that can help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of dimply, bumpy cellulite. Since cellulite is largely caused by lack of tone in the skin and a reduction in the production of collagen, these ingredients might help to eliminate the "cottage cheese" look of cellulite deposits.

Cosmetyn also contains amino acids and moisturizers that help maintain the tone and health of the skin, which can also reduce the appearance of bumpy, unattractive cellulite. However, the majority of the ingredients in Cosmetyn are aimed more at reduction of scars and fine lines, rather than directly addressing cellulite.

Buy Cosmetyn

At about $90 for a two-month supply, Cosmetyn cream is far less expensive than surgery or recurring spa treatments, but lies on the high end of cost for similar cellulite creams. Like most similar products, Cosmetyn offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Does Cosmetyn work?

Many customers have reported satisfaction with Cosmetyn for reducing stretch marks and other scarring, but the product's website offers little to back up its efficiency as a cellulite treatment. Cosmetyn is more aimed toward reducing stretch marks, as well as wrinkles, fine lines, and scars by helping stimulate the growth of supportive tissue in the lower layers of the skin. The most effective cellulite cream usually includes ingredients like caffeine and coenzyme-A which help reduce excess fluids and stimulate the body to burn fat.

Cosmetyn ingredients indicate that it might have some positive effect on cellulite deposits, but for truly dramatic results, a product aimed directly at cellulite reduction might be a better choice.

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