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As women age, cellulite can show up in places like the abdominal area and on the backs of thighs. This gives skin an undesirable dimpled appearance and many women wish to lessen the unattractiveness of cellulite. They usually turn to cellulite creams in the hope that these high cellulite areas can be made nicer looking.

Procellix Review 

The makers of Procellix cellulite cream, Dermal Meds, claim that applying Procellix cream to areas affected by cellulite twice a day for at least two weeks can bring about improvement in how skin looks. The ingredients in Procellix are thought to tighten and firm skin. Caffeine is added and is slightly dehydrating which is thought to enhance the firming effect. They claim that Procellix is natural, but it isn't due to the addition of Aminophylline, an ingredient normally used for those with breathing difficulties. 

Procellix Benefits

Procellix anti-cellulite creamProcellix acts as a treatment which claims to firm and tone skin. We thought Procellix would be beneficial, however, many users say they had no results even after weeks of use. Most Procellix users have said that it had no unpleasant side effects like redness or burning like some creams have. Procellix comes with a money back guarantee, and according to some users that guarantee is necessary. 

Some users claim that Procellix does help to lessen the appearance of cellulite in certain areas of the body, others claim that it didn't do very much to help the look of their cellulite areas. One thing users did agree on is that once you begin to use Procellix, you must continue its use. Once use is discontinued, cellulite will usually return.

Procellix Ingredients

One of the main ingredients of Procellix is Aminophylline, which is used as a broncho dilating ingredient to treat those affected with breathing issues like emphysema and chronic bronchitis and asthma. When applied topically to skin in the form of a cream, however, it is claimed that it helps to melt away fat cells on contact. In reality, Aminophylline acts as a slight diuretic, reducing water around the affected area and simply making skin look like it is firmer. 

Another main ingredient of Procellix is caffeine, which also has a slight diuretic effect, causing the skin to have a temporary firmer appearance. Guarana extract also appears in the ingredient list for Procellix and acts in a similar way as caffeine. Guarana extract has been used for years in creams to enhance the firm look of skin and is one of the active ingredients in Procellix.

Directions And Warnings

Procellix is to be used topically on affected cellulite areas twice daily for at least three weeks before any real noticeable effects are seen. Once begun, use of Procellix should continue to keep up the look of tighter and firmer skin along with reducing the look of cellulite. Procellix should be safe for most people. If one develops a rash or side effects, however, use should be discontinued and a physician consulted. 

Buy Procellix Online

Some users of Procellix cellulite cream swear by its skin firming properties. Those wishing to try Procellix can find it online. Quantities are somewhat limited, so it can be hard to find. Once use is started it must continue which some women find is a hassle. 

Many women are very self-conscious when they have large areas affected by cellulite and appreciate cream remedies like Procellix to help lessen cellulite's appearance. Be sure to check our helpful product review chart to see if Procellix is the best option for you, or whether another cellulite remedy with better results is a better choice. 

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