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Did you know some medical professionals believe that cellulite is genetic, and cannot ever be 100% permanently removed? Well, the proponents of Endermologie are certainly taking that stance. However, there is an optimistic footnote to that statement: while most women will never be completely free of cellulite, there are steps they can take to reducing how visible it is. Doctors and aestheticians who offer Endermologie massage therapy insist that their specific anti-cellulite machine is the best way to release trapped fluid and break down bulging fat deposits underneath the skin. And by doing so, you can significantly reduce the appearance of that "orange peel" look on your body.

Components of Endermologie

Endermologie Anti-Cellulite MassageTo be clear: Endermologie is neither a cream nor a pill. It is a very specific type of machine which is designed to massage your skin in a certain way. This unique type of massage can loosen up tight, bulging pockets of fat trapped between the connective tissues in your skin. It is also engineered to release trapped fluid which collects in the skin and makes the unevenness more pronounced.

After your massage, the fluid and broken fat cells will be naturally flushed into your lymphatic system and, eventually, eliminated from your body. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated both before and after an Endermologie treatment will expedite this process.

How Effective are Endermologie Massage Treatments?

At the end of the day, the efficacy of Endermologie treatments may depend on how dedicated you are to the process (and how much you're willing to spend). Endermologie massage has earned FDA approval as an official temporary treatment for cellulite reduction, which lends some serious credibility to their claims.

But that's an important keyword: "temporary". Even the most optimistic practitioners who are trying to sell you on a package of Endermologie treatments are cautious to warn potential patients that it will take several sessions before they see a significant difference. And once you achieve the results you want, you'll have to keep coming back for maintenance sessions at least once per month just to maintain them.

People who are close to their ideal body weight will have the best results, whereas someone who is significantly overweight or obese will probably not see much of an improvement, if any. Results may also be less visible if you don't follow your clinician's advice and drink the suggested 2-3 liters of water per day for up to 14 weeks during your initial round of sessions.

Our Final Word on Endermologie

The fact that Endermologie has FDA approval for the reduction of cellulite had us hopeful at first. But the expense, the total number of required sessions, the required maintenance, and the fact that it's less likely to work for people who aren't "close to their ideal body weight" brought us back down to reality.

If you're in the market for a pricey deep tissue massage that may also reduce the appearance of your cellulite, then Endermologie might work for you. But if you want a simpler, more cost-effective solution, take a look at our product reviews!

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