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Celluthin cellulite cream claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite while bringing dramatic improvement to the elasticity of one's skin. Celluthin works directly at the point of application to target cellulite and fat. The active ingredients in Celluthin cellulite cream are rapidly delivered to the fat cells where it commences to diminish the sight of bothersome fat and cellulite.

CelluThin cellulite cream Celluthin Ingredients

Celluthin uses aminophylline as its primary active ingredient in order to reduce cellulite and fat. The makers of Celluthin claim this potent ingredient penetrates deep into the skin where it shrinks fat cells so dramatically that up to 2 inches of body fat can be lost. Celluthin also uses a delivery system known as phospholipids which sends active ingredients into the deepest regions of fat cells.

How to Use Celluthin

Apply Celluthin once or twice daily but never more than twice in a 24-hour period. Massage vigorously until the cream is absorbed completely.

It is recommended that you work on one area until you see the desired results and then move on to the next. A single marble-sized application is generally enough to spread over the back of your thigh or your entire abdomen.

Celluthin Pros

  • Reasonably priced
  • Quickly delivers active ingredient to targeted area

Celluthin Cons

  • Uses aminophylline
  • Site has no pictures of actual user results
  • Rash, uncomfortable warmth or extreme redness may occur with use
  • Fat-reducing claims are defied by recent studies


One 8oz bottle of Celluthin can be purchased online for $59.85. The retail price is $79.15.

Celluthin: Our Evaluation

Celluthin would be a great buy if it did not contain aminophylline. Recent studies indicate that aminophylline actually doesn't enter the bloodstream at all and, thus, cannot break down fat cells as Celluthin seems to claim. Plus, if you choose to use any cream that contain aminophylline, then you better be sure to steer clear of heat sources and use the product quickly as adverse effects may occur.

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