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Are your cellulite troubles keeping you up at night? Well, there may be a solution...but only if you can afford it. Assuming you're one of the lucky Americans with a sizable amount of disposable income, along with a few extra hours per week to spend it a beauty salon, you can treat yourself to a Ionithermie treatment - or maybe even a package of these anti-cellulite beauty treatments.

Ionithermie is a revolutionary new cellulite treatment developed within the last 30 years by some of the most beautiful people in the world - the French. strangely enough, this treatment started out as an attempt to cure arthritis. Somehow, there was a mix-up end the lab, and the anti-cellulite treatment today known as Ionithermie was born.

But are the Ionithermie promises too good to be true? And are they affordable for the average woman? Our review experts decided to take a look at Ionithermie's claims. You'll be surprised to learn what we found out!

What To Expect During an Ionithermie Spa Treatment

IonithermieWhat's involved in a Ionithermie session? Well, first you start by finding a local beauty salon that offers these amazing treatments. Then you schedule an appointment and go in to have a consultation with your spa-appointed aesthetician. Be careful, though. Some beauty salons use pushy sales tactics in order to get you to buy more treatments or extra beauty products that you don't necessarily need in order to get rid of your cellulite.

During your consultation, your beauty consultant will have to take your measurements. Be prepared to strip all the way down to your underwear in order for them to take the most accurate measurement possible. Next, they will instruct you to line a table so that you can receive a seaweed wrap treatment. On top of the seaweed wrap, they will apply a clay mask which will then remineralize and detoxify the areas of your body that are being treated. Lastly, electrodes will be attached on top of this clay mask. You will continue to lie on the table for up to an hour, and you may have the option to listen to quiet music while the electrodes go to work. You may feel your muscles involuntarily twitching and Contracting during the treatment. This is normal. But if it is causing you any substantial discomfort, be sure to let your spot technician know.

Typical Ionithermie Results

According to Ionithermie advertising materials, most women can lose up to 8 inches (or 20 centimeters) in diameter from treated areas. The special clay mask helps to break up toxins that are directly beneath the skin. These toxins, according to Ionithermie experts, are the main cause of your cellulite problems. The forced muscle contractions from the electrodes, in addition to heat, will further help to destroy these toxins and flush them out of your system. For some women, this relaxing spa treatment is a pleasant alternative to slaving away in the gym. Customer reviews online have reported that some women have lost anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 inch from their problem areas.

What Should You Expect From Ionithermie

It seems as though the biggest obstacle standing between a woman and a cellulite free existence is cost. At some salons, each single treatment can cost at least $150 or more. And remember: the spa's goal is to sell you as many treatments as possible - whether you absolutely need them or not. Some spas may try to upsell you an at home treatment kit, which can cost upwards of $500 or more. the good news, however, is that most customers who bought an at-home treatment kit and weren't happy with it did not have very much trouble returning the kit and getting a refund from their local salon.

On the plus side, these treatments sound like a relaxing way to slim down your problem areas and potentially rid your skin of cellulite. On the other hand, results are not 100% guaranteed. On top of that, the treatments are pretty expensive. You might be better off taking a look at our product reviews page. We have dozens of anti-cellulite creams that you can use in the privacy of your own home for pennies on the dollar compared to an expensive Ionithermie treatment. And best of all, our product reviews page ranks these creams according to cost and effectiveness. So you'll know which creams are worth your time and money, and which ones aren't. Learn more.

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