Balea Bodyfit Cellulite Gel-Crème Review

Rated: 5.5 out of 10
by CelluliteTreatment.org

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Everyone wants smooth, cellulite-free skin. But not everyone wants to risk harming the environment in order to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, things which do harm the planet - such as animal testing, use of chemicals in beauty products, and the use of animal by-products - is unfortunately rampant in the beauty industry.

However, there are companies out there who make their best effort to sell planet-friendly, animal-friendly, vegetarian and vegan products for people who want to make the world a better place and still look their best. That's the main selling point of Balea Bodyfit Cellulite Gel-Crème. It claims to be vegan-friendly and reports that no animal testing went into the formulation of their product. But how true are these claims? And how can you be sure this cream will eliminate your "orange peel" skin? Our review can answer these questions, and more.

Balea Ingredients

Balea CremeThe Amazon listing for Balea anti-cellulite cream claims that the active ingredients are "ginkgo, caffeine and seaweed/algae extract". And that's about as much detail as they go into. They don't specify what their inactive ingredients are, and they don't seem to understand that there is a difference between a large, aquatic plant which can be easily seen with the naked eye and a microscopic aquatic organism.

How to Use Balea

The instructions for this product also raised a few warning flags with our reviewers. Users, after showering and exfoliating, should massage the cream into their problem areas with circular motions once or twice per day, and the directions go on to put a very strong emphasis on the importance of the massage. They even suggest that you use an anti-cellulite massage device to really get the most out of their cream.

Balea Pros

  • Includes vegan-friendly ingredients
  • On the cheaper side of the cost spectrum
  • No animal testing was performed in order to create their anti-cellulite formula

Balea Cons

  • Might be hard to get for anyone living outside of Great Britain and Germany
  • Very few positive customer reviews
  • List of active ingredients list is vague
  • no full ingredient list available

How Much Does Balea Cost?

The overall cost will depend on where and how you purchase it. The Amazon UK website lists it for about $10.56 USD (converted from British pounds). But the manufacturer also sells it on their German homepage for $4.30 USD (converted from euros). It isn't 100% certain whether they will be willing to ship to the Americas if you order from either site.

Balea: Our Evaluation

Reviewing this product brought up some problematic concerns. For one, their ingredients list is incomplete and unclear. Secondly, they seem to place more emphasis on the massage action for eliminating cellulite than what the cream itself can actually do. Lastly, the few Amazon reviews that the product has praise it for being vegan, but clearly state that the cream did nothing to reduce the appearance of their cellulite.

Of course, Balea isn't the only anti-cellulite formula out there. We have a whole listing of them in our reviews section - and you may be surprised by our top pick! Learn more.

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