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Can't seem to get rid of unsightly cellulite in thighs, hips, or buttocks? Well you're not alone. I'm sure you've tried just about everything and nothing works. Like most women, you probably believe there is nothing you can do.

Well you're wrong. Cellulite can be treated and it can be reduced dramatically. Recent studies and developments in cellulite have paved the way for cellulite treatments that work. Learn about must-have ingredients in cellulite creams, which cellulite treatments are worth the high price, and which popular treatment actually worsens cellulite.

Below we have divided cellulite treatments into two sections. The medical cellulite treatments are advanced cellulite treatments that must be performed by a doctor while spa cellulite treatments are less technical and can be administered by a health care professional. The articles are here to help you decide which treatment is right for you. They are not a replacement for professional advice and you should speak to your doctor before starting a treatment. Take it as an introductory course to cellulite treatments available today.

Shall we begin? ....

cellulite treatment Medical Cellulite Treatments

Lipo Dissolve: Is it a Cellulite Treatment?

How Mesotherapy Treats Cellulite


Liposuction vs. Mesotherapy

Spa Cellulite Treatments

Endermologie as a Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Acoustic Wave Therapy

Cellulite Treatment Alternatives

If you have sticker shock from the high price of medical or spa cellulite treatments, consider cellulite cream. As the science of dermatology advances, cellulite creams are increasing effective at

  • banishing cellulite
  • firming the skin
  • restoring collagen and elastin
  • eliminating fluid retention
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