Cellulite Acoustic Wave Therapy

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With all the cellulite treatments out there, it's hard to keep up. It's even harder to tell which work the best.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a new cellulite treatment which claims to be the only cellulite treatment targeting the two main reasons women get cellulite.

Learn about cellulite acoustic wave therapy and see whether it is an option for you.

What is cellulite?

To most women cellulite is unfortunately a common feature in their body; as it should be since cellulite affects 90% of women. Because cellulite is such a normal process in women, medical science was not interesting in treating it or developing a cure.

Now, due to the high demand to find a solution there have been studies to identify the causes of cellulite and the development of effective cellulite treatments over the last few years.

The bottom line is that cellulite forms in the superficial fat. That is the area right under the top layer of skin. The superficial layer is the last area to be affected by weight loss.

This is why no matter how hard you exercise or diet you just can't seem to get rid of cellulite. As a result weight management and cellulite treatment are completely two separate issues.

What causes cellulite?

Recent studies have concluded two main causes of cellulite. One is the formation of connective tissue in women. Men and women organize their fat differently.

In men, the connective tissue which holds fat runs parallel to the skin. This means their fat does not pull down but is smoothly organized under the skin. This is the reason why men don't have cellulite.

Women however, organize their fat in connective tissue which runs perpendicular to the skin. This results in fat pulling down the skin; leaving an uneven bumpy surface or what you see as cellulite.

The second major cause of cellulite is the wearing down of elasticity in the connective tissue. The connective tissue is made of collagen. As the skin's elasticity wears down, it can no longer hold excess fat. The fat then bulges out and gives the appearance of dimpled skin.

How does Cellulite Acoustic Wave Therapy work?

acoustic wave therapyAcoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) is a new painless treatment for reducing cellulite and making skin look smoother. It was originally developed in Europe where research proved that acoustic waves are effective in correcting connective tissue which dimple skin and increase skin's elasticity by stimulating collagen production.

This new treatment uses pressure waves which penetrate through the skin and underlying fat to smooth out dimples and firm skin. AWT can be used on most problem areas such as stomach, thighs, buttocks, or arms.

The procedure consists of a 30 minute session and patients usually need six treatments to notice successful results.

Acoustic Wave Therapy Costs

AWT prices vary according to location and special promotion packages. Usually one treatment ranges between $75-$100 and six treatments is required for optimum results.

Keep in mind additional treatments are usually necessary for about 20 percent of patients to maintain desired results. Also, prices are according to one area treated, usually patients treating cellulite on common areas like thighs pay double to treat cellulite on both legs.

Acoustic Wave Therapy Risks

Cellulite Acoustic Wave Therapy is safe and effective. The only known side effect is minimal bruising which occur in less that 5% of patients treated.

Acoustic Wave Therapy: Final Word

AWT seems to be a promising safe and a non invasive measure to treat cellulite. Although the price might be costly if you are looking to treat more than one area; not to mention maintaining results on a monthly basis.

The best way to fight cellulite would be a combination of an effective cellulite treatment such as AWT along with an effective cellulite cream to help break fat underneath the skin.

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