Lipo Dissolve Cellulite

Perhaps you've seen the ads, heard it on the radio or had a friend mention it to you; Lipo Dissolve is slowly becoming the new alternative to liposuction.

Unlike liposuction which removes pounds of fat, Lipo Dissolve is a body-contouring method used to dissolve inches.

It's a great solution for women looking to remove stubborn inches of fat; however is it as effective in treating cellulite?

Before you spend thousands of dollars on Lipo Dissolve, read on and find out why it may not be the cellulite treatment we've all been waiting for.

what is lipo dissolve?What is Lipo Dissolve?

Lipo Dissolve is a non invasive cosmetic treatment involving a series of injections to dissolve small areas of fat. The fact that Lipo Dissolve is similar to mesotherapy often causes people to confuse the two treatments.

How does Lipo Dissolve work?

Lipo Dissolve consist of a painless injection into fat layers and connective tissue. The medication inserted into the skin consists of phosphatidylcholine which is derived from soy and deoxycholate which is produced in the body's digestive system. It's also known as PCDC. This medication works with the body's physiology to dissolve areas of fat so that it is carried out by the body.

The injection is relatively painless with no need for anesthesia. Patients can see results within three weeks of treatment. Several treatments are also required for optimum results.

Lipo Dissolve vs. Mesotherapy:

Unlike mesotherapy which treats fat just under the skin, Lipo Dissolve involves injection deeper into the skin. The formulations used in mesotherapy and Lipo Dissolve are also different.

As mentioned above Lipo Dissolve treats fat with PCDC, while mesotherapy involves a customized formulation involving vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Both work to melt fat under the skin so that it can be carried out the body.

So which is the better candidate in treating cellulite? Read on.

Lipo Dissolve: Effective Cellulite Treatment?

In order to determine which is the better cellulite treatment let's be reminded of what is cellulite. Cellulite is superficial fat, which is fat located just under the skin.

This is the last layer to be affected by exercise or diet; the main reason why no matter how hard you exercise or diet, you just can't get rid of cellulite.

The best surgical solution for cellulite would be a treatment such as mesotherapy that targets this superficial fat .

Lipo Dissolve is a great alternative to losing inches of fat but not an effective treatment in reducing cellulite since it works with deeper layers of fat; something cellulite is not.

Lipo Dissolve Risks

Risks of Lipo Dissolve are minimal. They include slight bruising, swelling or allergic reaction. Because different doctors use other ingredients in Lipo Dissolve it is important to ask what exactly is inside the injection.

Keep in mind that Lipo Dissolve is not FDA approved and has not been researched enough to determine long term effects or whether the medication travels and how it might affect organs.

Lipo Dissolve Costs

Costs for Lipo Dissolve are high and may range from $375 to $1,500. Your doctor will come up with a treatment plan that is right for you depending on your treatment.

For example, patients removing small areas of fat like a double chin will cost less than removal of saddle bags. Usually six treatments are recommended for optimal results so keep in mind the costs will add up.

Is Lipo Dissolve worth it?

That depends on the result you are looking for. If you want to loose inches of fat that have been difficult to remove with diet or exercise than Lipo Dissolve is for you.

However, if you think this is going to do anything for your cellulite think again. You might want to pass this up and opt for mesotherapy which treats lumps and bumps just under the skin, or what we women know as cellulite.

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