Cellulite Reduction Ingredients

It seems like there's always a new cellulite-reducing ingredient being touted by skin care manufacturers. But if you look into the research, a lot of so-called wonder chemicals don't really do that much to reduce cellulite. Some time-tested ingredients work just as well as the latest high-tech cellulite reduction systems.

On the other hand, new discoveries in dermatology, molecular biology and chemistry really are being made daily. New medical and scientific research is constantly being published and some of it really does affect our ability to get rid of cellulite.

Although the core of this site is cellulite product reviews, we also maintain a comprehensive database of cellulite reduction ingredients. A few of these are the latest and greatest, a few are tried and true. A few are just plain weird. Most of them are only available in anti-cellulite products, but a few can be incorporated into your home remedies for cellulite reduction.

List of ingredients for cellulite reduction

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Other Ingredients Found in Best Cellulite Treatment Creams

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