Epsom Salt for Cellulite Reduction

.best cellulite cream Epsom Salt, comprised mainly of magnesium and sulfur, has long been trusted for a variety of purposes. As the second most prevalent element in the human body, magnesium is regarded as necessary to optimal health. As a result, many people use Epsom Salt for everything from health and beauty to gardening.

Epsom Salt: Health and Beauty Benefits

Epsom Salt has a long list of health and beauty related benefits. The magnesium in Epsom Salt has been shown to ease stress, prevent blood clots and artery hardening, increase the effectiveness of insulin, improve the use of oxygen, enhance concentration and improve sleep. The sulfates in Epsom Salt are equally as beneficial as they help ease and prevent migraines, flush toxins, form proteins and improve nutrient absorption.

As a beauty enhancer, Epsom Salt has been shown to soften and exfoliate skin. When incorporated into a warm bath, Epsom Salt is most efficiently absorbed into the skin and helps restore magnesium levels in the body. This has a tremendous affect on stress by lowering blood pressure, raising serotonin levels, lowering the affects of adrenaline and regulating electrical functions.

cellulite treatment Cellulite and Epsom Salt

For some, an Epsom Salt bath has been found to be a useful for treating severe or persistent cellulite. In most cases, this home remedy for cellulite calls for 2 cups of Epsom Salt and a blend of essential oils such as fennel, lemon and grapefruit or petitgrain, lime, juniper and basil. 

Is Epsom Salt an Effective Cellulite Reducer?

Because of its ability to soften and smooth skin, Epsom Salt may be an effective cellulite reducer. However, the verdict is still out on this. Some people swear by the Epsom Salt bath as an effective natural cure for cellulite while others find it to be mildly effective.

How Can I Reduce Cellulite?

One of the best ways to reduce cellulite involves the daily use of an effective cellulite cream. You may have tried several creams to no avail, but they’re not all the same. Once you’ve found the cream that works best for you, getting rid of cellulite for good should be no problem. Read our reviews of top-rated cellulite creams.

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