Cayenne Pepper for Cellulite Reduction

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Cayenne Pepper has long been celebrated for its wide range of benefits, both in the culinary and health-related fields. This potent herb, also known as Capsicum frutescens, is made from the dehydrated pods of chili peppers. Used to treat a variety of health conditions and skin problems, Cayenne Pepper is often incorporated into home remedies which claim to reduce cellulite naturally.

Cayenne Pepper: Health Benefits

Among its many benefits, Cayenne Pepper has been used to treat everything from gas and poor digestion to poor blood circulation and chronic pain. Some even successfully use Cayenne Pepper to treat heart disease, toothaches, sore throats and headaches. Capsaicin, the ingredient that gives peppers their heat, is primarily responsible for Cayenne Pepper’s medicinal properties. Typically, hotter peppers contain more capsaicin. Thus, the hotter peppers tend to provide the greatest medicinal benefit.

Cellulite and Cayenne Pepper

Because of Cayenne Pepper’s versatility, it’s often used in skin care to help reduce itching and diminish the severity of psoriasis. When it comes to reducing cellulite, one home remedy calls for a solution that incorporates Cayenne Pepper and lemon juice. It claims that a glass of lemon juice mixed with a small amount of Cayenne Pepper, when taken twice daily, can get rid of cellulite within a week.

Is Cayenne Pepper an Effective Cellulite Reducer?

Cayenne Pepper is great for a lot of things, but it may not be the most effective cellulite reducer. True, it helps improve blood circulation and flush out toxins and fat but there are sure to be more effective cellulite reducers out there. However, if you’re on a tight budget and you want to go the all-natural route, then it won’t hurt to give Cayenne Pepper a try.

How Can I Reduce Cellulite?

Reducing cellulite can seem to be quite a difficult task, especially if you’ve tried a number of cellulite creams with little to no results. Well, all cellulite creams aren’t the same, so don’t give up on all of them just because one didn’t work for you. In reality, cellulite creams are among the most effective means of getting rid of cellulite without expensive surgeries or treatments. Read our reviews of top cellulite treatment creams.

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