Paris Hilton Cellulite

Paris Hilton celluliteAh, Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress whose iconic status is rooted in dubious distinctions, i.e., being known as a ditz who enjoys performing on camera in more ways than one. With her sexuality being her one claim to fame it would behoove the blonde vixen to look her best at all times.

This is why pictures of celebrities with cellulite like Hilton are particularly vexing. On the one hand they show that Paris, like all women, is not perfect, on the other, a purported sex pot should take due care to present her best face—and body—at all times. Getting caught showing off orange peel skin is a big no-no.

But the existence of cellulite on Paris Hilton’s reed thin legs busts at least one of the many cellulite myths —you don’t have to be overweight to have cellulite.

Cellulite Treatments

Indeed, what cellulite-baring Paris Hilton has done is shown that what causes cellulite has little to do with fat and more to so with the simple realities of feminine existence. Women have more fat than men in certain areas of the body. This fat can be trapped beneath connective tissues of the skin. Because this fat lies just beneath the surface of the dermis it can be seen easily. Unfortunately the fat is not uniform, culminating in a lumpy, cottage cheese texture.

Even Paris with all her money and fame cannot defeat Mother Nature—or can she?

What cellulite cream should Paris Hilton use?

best cellulite cream Paris Hilton cellulite

Now some people may think that laser surgery is a viable option for cellulite reduction. Think again. Laser surgery costs $1,500 to $2,000 per session and is not guaranteed to work. Spa treatments are temporary fixes that do not truly eradicate cellulite either. Instead, spa massages plump up the skin, giving the illusion of cellulite removal.

To truly get rid of cellulite, one has to get past the skin surface to the fat below. Transdermal methods, like the use of anti cellulite cream, can do just that. This is why cellulite cream is the best way to go.

This method of cellulite removal is fast, effective and affordable. If you locate a cellulite cream with the right ingredients, you will see results in one to two months and may even get rid of cellulite for good.

Just think—you could look better than the famous Paris Hilton and lead a cellulite free life…in the end, she can have the notoriety and you can have enviable legs that all the money in the world wouldn’t buy a posh celebrity sex pot!

That is—unless she too learns about the miraculous nature of cellulite creams!

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