Remedies for the Leading Causes of Cellulite

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Statistics suggest that as many as 90% of women will suffer from cellulite at one point or another. For most unfortunate cellulite sufferers, it can feel like they are wasting years of their lives trying different cellulite remedies that don't seem to work. The reason it can take years to find an effective cellulite treatment is simple: the majority of cellulite remedies do not treat all of the causes of cellulite. While most treatments can effectively reduce cellulite temporarily, the key to a more permanent improvement is addressing the leading causes of cellulite.

What Causes Cellulite?

The three main causes of cellulite are subcutaneous fat deposits, fluid retention and decreased skin elasticity. All three factors contribute to the well known dimpled appearance of cellulite. Whether you refer to it as "cottage cheese thighs" or "orange peel skin," these three causes of cellulite are most likely to blame. The key to making cellulite disappear are cellulite treatments that address all three causes of cellulite. But which remedies treat which causes?

Cellulite Remedies for Fat Deposits

It is unclear as to why subcutaneous fat deposits form just below the surface of the skin. Some people believe that there is a correlation between overall body fat and cellulite but it isn't always the case. Even skinny women get cellulite. Of the leading causes of cellulite, fat deposits are the most difficult to get rid of and the majority of popular cellulite remedies do not even address this issue. In addition, a healthy diet and exercise can help you lose weight but may actually increase the visibility of your cellulite.

Cellulite TreatmentWhen diet and exercise are not enough, women turn to cellulite remedies like mesotherapy, liposuction and laser treatments. Liposuction is the least effective of the fat fighting cellulite remedies, since it actually targets deeper fat deposits and completely missed the pockets of fat right beneath the skin. Liposuction also loosens skin, which can actually make cellulite more visible. Laser treatments are one of those cellulite remedies that can do double duty, both improving skin elasticity and breaking up subcutaneous fat. Just make sure you ask which causes of cellulite your particular laser treatment will address. Mesotherapy is the least invasive of the fat fighting cellulite remedies. Mesotherapy involves a series of injections just under the skin, depositing medications that oxidize fat. Different practitioners use different medications but the end result is the same--no more fat deposits.

Cellulite Remedies for Fluid Retention

The easiest cause of cellulite to treat is trapped fluids. Water and lymph can easily become trapped beneath the skin, especially during your period. Of the three main causes of cellulite, fluid retention is the easiest to treat. Many home cellulite remedies, including dry brushing and coffee scrubs, help to alleviate trapped fluids. While coffee scrubs themselves are not overly effective on their own, caffeine is a diuretic and topical application can help drain fluid trapped beneath the skin and improve circulation.

That being said, intentionally dehydrating yourself or taking diuretic 'water pills' are not effective at reducing cellulite. Too little water can leave your skin taut and inflexible, increasing the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite Remedies for Decreased Skin Elasticity

Decreases in skin elasticity can be caused by numerous things, including age, medication and smoking. When skin and its connective tissue become less elastic and flexible, fat deposits and trapped fluids strain against the skin, creating tell tale cellulite dimpling. Regardless of the reason behind the decrease in skin elasticity, effective cellulite remedies must directly address this issue. Cellulite remedies like cellulite massage and endermologie increase skin's elasticity. Cellulite massage--and all massage in general--makes skin for flexible and supple. Endermologie is a specialized type of cellulite massage that uses mechanical rollers to improve skin's elasticity, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The Best Cellulite Remedy

But none of those cellulite remedies address all three causes of cellulite. As a matter of fact, only one type of cellulite treatment addresses all three causes of cellulite: cellulite creams. The best cellulite creams help remedy all three causes of cellulite. These creams contain fat burning ingredients, caffeine and other natural diuretics, and elasticity increasing vitamins and peptides. When shopping for a cellulite cream, make sure to read the ingredients list carefully to make sure it contains ingredients to treat all three causes of cellulite. To make life easier, we've also reviewed the top cellulite creams and chosen our favorites.

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