Clear Therapy Acne Treatment

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Clear Therapy will change the way you think about zapping your zits. Here's the acne treatment that you've been looking for but thought you'd never find. Clear Therapy works for that single, stubborn pimple or on a field of zits that seem to resist any treatment. Clear Therapy goes deep into the heart of the acne, routing out the bacteria that causes the problem. Meanwhile, Clear Therapy's soothing moisturizers give your skin what it needs to remain glowing and supple - all without messy greases and oils. Extracts of chamomile and aloe are included as a balm to your skin. Clear Therapy is easy to use. Most acne sufferers use it only twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Clear Therapy is your path to clearer, healthier skin.

Clear Therapy Cleansing Face Wash

The first step in clearing up your acne is getting rid of the old, dead skin that tends to build up on the new skin below. You can't really get at the heart of the problem without first "opening the door" to the skin below. That's where Clear Therapy's cleansing face wash enters the picture. Lather up a dab of the face wash in your hand and massage into your face. You'll want to apply it generously to the entire area that's under siege by acne. That gentle exfoliation you'll feel is the finely ground compounds of pumice and walnut shell. Clearing up acne can't really begin until all this unwanted skin is removed, and nothing does a better job at that than Clear Therapy.

Clear Therapy Acne Treatment Lotion and Moisturizer

cellulite treatment At the heart of Clear Therapy is the treatment lotion and moisturizer, which contains benzoyl peroxide, a powerful antibacterial. It seeks out the deepest acne and blasts it into submission. But such a powerful treatment needs to be balanced for the sake of your skin, and that's why the moisturizer is so essential. Our skin is the body's largest organ, but it's probably the most overlooked. Clear Therapy helps sustain the skin's delicate need for moisture while eliminating acne fast and effectively.

Clear Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

Acne sometimes picks the worst times to rear its ugly head: just before that big date, a prom, a wedding or even a simple night out with friends. Clear Therapy is designed for those frustrating moments when you don't know where to turn. The spot treatment targets the troubled spot like a blood hound, going deep below the surface of your skin to clear up your troubled spot. This pinpoint treatment leaves the rest of your face untouched, never leaving unsightly swollen red spots.

Does Clear Therapy Work?

Clear Therapy works quickly and effectively. It does a double whammy on zits. First, it delivers strong treatment on the bacteria that cause acne. Second, it soothes and invigorates the skin as it exfoliates old, dead skin. In short, it takes out the bad and delivers the good things your facial skin needs. Your search for effective acne treatment is over when you start using Clear Therapy.

Where to Buy Clear Therapy.

For now, Clear Therapy isn't available in the United States, but it will be soon. Clear Therapy will usher in a new age of acne treatment, and once you're using it you'll wonder how you got by without it.

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