Cellulite Cure

While there is no miracle cure for cellulite there are many methods that may help you reduce the unsightly effects that are attributed to cellulite – such as the cottage-cheese appearance of your skin.

Exercise as cellulite cure

cellulite treatment Daily cellulite exercises work by increasing your metabolism and by helping to burn fat more efficiently. As a cellulite cure, these exercises also increase lymph and blood circulation and help treat high hormone levels that are considered to be the main reason in cellulite formation.

You should combine a cardio workout such as walking or jogging with a strength training workout, which usually consists of using weights or exercises such as push ups.

Diet as cellulite cure

The only way an anti cellulite diet will work is if you eat more fruits and vegetables. They are the best foods for cleansing your body and eliminating stored toxins. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain multiple compounds like fiber, phytochemicals and minerals that help purge the body of pollutants. Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants, which improve the health of our bodies.

Brushing as Cellulite Cure

It is well known that dry brushing your skin stimulates growth and repair of your skin by increasing blood flow to the area. First brush in a circular motion and then upwards towards the heart; you should try to repeat this twice a day. Brushing is actually good for all of your skin. It helps remove toxins and metabolic waste.

Anti Cellulite Shorts as Cellulite Curecellulite shorts

Some anti cellulite shorts use fabrics that facilitate a continuous massaging effect on the skin while others use infrared and therapeutic properties to improve the condition of your skin.

Most of these shorts are designed to be worn all day underneath your work or play clothes or even while you are sleeping.

cellulite shoesCellulite Shoes as a Cellulite Cure

By walking in anti-cellulite shoes you could purge your body of toxins, which are important in the growth and perpetuation of cellulite. Other benefits of cellulite shoes vary but they include weight loss, the dissolving of fat deposits, increase in circulation, and reduction of varicose veins, enhanced breathing, and improved posture

Cellulite Cream as Cellulite Cure

Cellulite creams are probably the fastest way to get rid of cellulite. Of course, some creams are better than others. The best creams combine common remedies such as algae and caffeine with advanced cellulite treatment ingredients. Beware of creams that contain few ingredients or that don't explain precisely how they fight cellulite, or you may end up with a disappointing but expensive "cure" for cellulite. To see how popular cellulite creams stack up, see our product reviews page.

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