Cellulite Treatments: Do They Get Rid of Cellulite or Just Reduce It?

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One of the most common discussions about cellulite stems from the promises that different treatments make. Some treatments and products talking about getting rid of cellulite completely, while others emphasize reducing cellulite but cannot eliminate it completely. So which is it: getting rid of cellulite or just reducing cellulite? The answer depends on which treatment option you pursue.

The Truth About Reducing Cellulite

Before we go any further, you need to be aware that even getting rid of cellulite completely is not always permanent. For most women, cellulite keeps coming back, no matter how much effort they put into reducing cellulite. The underlying causes of cellulite--including subcutaneous fat deposits and fluid retention--plague women throughout their entire lives and all we can do is try to minimize the effect. But that is not to say that getting rid of cellulite is impossible. With hard work and lifestyle changes, it is possible to prevent cellulite formation. When coupled with an effective treatment, reducing cellulite or even eliminating it is completely possible.

Getting Rid of Cellulite

Several treatments are well known for getting rid of cellulite. That is to say, they get rid of the cellulite you currently have. However, these treatments do not prevent future cellulite from forming. The best treatments for getting rid of cellulite include mesotherapy, endermologie and some cellulite creams. These treatments all address the underlying causes of cellulite. Mesotherapy is a medical procedure which involves injecting medicine beneath the skin to burn through the subcutaneous fat deposits responsible for cellulite's cottage cheese texture. Endermologie is a specialized form of cellulite massage that helps prevent the connective tissues beneath the skin from being stretched by trapped fluids and fat deposits, which both cause cellulite dimpling. Both of these treatments are effective at getting rid of cellulite but do nothing to prevent future occurrences, which is why both treatments must be done at least twice as year.

Some cellulite creams are effective at getting rid of cellulite, while others are only effective at reducing cellulite. Different creams provide different results because of their ingredients. The cellulite creams that are only reducing cellulite do so by dehydrating skin, temporarily alleviating the fluid retention. But as soon as the effects of the cream wear off, your cellulite is back. The more effective cellulite creams are successful at getting rid of cellulite because they contain ingredients which burn through the fat deposits, increase skin's elasticity and flush trapped fluids. Using these creams continuously may even help prevent future cellulite.

No discussion about getting rid of cellulite would be complete without a discussion about liposuction. Many people mistakenly believe that because liposuction removes fat deposits, it can help eliminate cellulite. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Liposuction targets deeper fat deposits than the ones that cause cellulite. It also leaves skin stretched out and saggy. Instead of getting rid of cellulite, liposuction actually makes cellulite worse.

Home Remedies for Reducing Cellulite

The majority of treatments for reducing cellulite are nothing more than home remedies. These treatments are great for temporarily reducing cellulite but do not provide any long-term results. Things like dry brushing and cellulite massage temporarily boost skin's elasticity, reducing cellulite for a few days at most. Coffee scrubs and the less effective cellulite creams dehydrate skin briefly, temporarily reducing cellulite. Options like these are great for nights on the town or a day at the beach but do not provide the permanent results most women are looking for. In addition, women with more severe cellulite may find that reducing cellulite with these remedies does not provide enough of a visible reduction. For women more interested in getting rid of cellulite than simply reducing it, an effective cellulite cream is their best answer.

The Best Creams for Getting Rid of Cellulite

If the information above about cellulite creams is confusing to you, you're certainly not alone. Trying to find a cellulite cream that is effective at getting rid of cellulite--instead of just reducing cellulite--can be difficult to achieve. If reducing cellulite isn't enough for you, look for a cream that contains ingredients such as Bladderwrack, Centella Asiatica and Glaucine. We've also tested many of the leading cellulite creams for you. Find out which creams we recommend in our product reviews section.

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