Nicollette Sheridan CelluliteNicollette Sheridan Cellulite

There isn’t a human alive who would say Nicollette Sheridan isn’t a hottie, but most would drop their mouths wide if they knew that the blonde vixen sports cellulite. Even more surprising is that she had been caught out and about in paparazzi crazed environment with her guard dropped enough to let someone see her looking less than picture perfect.

The Desperate Housewife star has pulled a fast one on all of us however. Just shortly after being caught with her pants down, so to speak, a new picture shows the forty something actress in a bikini with her legs, thighs and buttocks sans cellulite.

Since the actress has been a very vocal opponent against plastic surgery, many are wondering what she did to achieve such flawless skin in so little time.

There are a few things she could have done, like non invasive laser surgery, however, it takes several months to finalize treatments and this option does not always work.

Surprisingly enough, the results seen on Sheridan could be simply attributed to a highly effect cellulite cream…

Why cellulite creams work

Far too many people think of cellulite as a skin condition when the problem truly lies just beneath the skin. This is why the use of lasers to treat cellulite can be a risky, expensive yet ineffective enterprise. On the other hand, cellulite creams can help get rid of cellulite because they penetrate deep below the skin to remove the fatty layers that cause that cottage choose appearance.Nicollette Sheridan Cellulite

Get rid of cellulite - How Nicollette did it

Even if Nicollette didn’t use a cream, you can have the same results by finding a cellulite cream that effectively eradicate cellulite for you. Ask around and do a little online investigation to locate quality products that will work as promised. Be sure to find a product with a no hassle, no strings attached return policy—this will ensure that you lose very little of the product fails to do its job.

.best cellulite cream

With the right tools, locating a cellulite cream that achieves what you desire should be simple, offering you the ability to get Nicollette Sheridan type results quickly and affordably.

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