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Sharon Stone’s unforgettable portrayal of Catherine Tramell in 1992’s Basic Instinct won the gorgeous actress acclaim and notoriety. Flash forward into the present and the Oscar nominated lady is older, and if humanly possible, more beautiful.

This is perhaps why the sight of Stone’s cellulite covered legs hips and thighs were such a shock to everyone.

Not that anyone should have been really surprised. Over 95 percent of all women have cellulite to varying degrees. Celebrity women are not immune; in fact, many rely on make up tricks, lighting, and airbrushing to make them look perfect and flawless.

Add to this that Sharon is known to party and drink a bit too much and the cellulite is probably is bit more pronounced than maybe it should be. Read about anti-cellulite diet.

Cellulite Treatments

With all that money, one would think Sharon Stone would have tried everything in her power to get rid cellulite. Thing is—she may have. Expensive spa treatments and laser surgery are not outside the salary of celebrities with cellulite. However, getting rid of cellulite is not as easy as it may seem with these treatments, and they often fall short.Sharon Stone cellulite

It may surprise not only Sharon Stone but women from all walks of life that you can get rid of cellulite! The treatment is also extremely simple and cost effective. A good cellulite cream will tone and tighten the skin, boost fat metabolism get rid of cellulite, and reduce fluid retention.

What cellulite cream should Sharon Stone use?

If you really desire to remove cellulite for good, then you need to find an inexpensive yet reliable way to do so. One method is via the use of a noteworthy cellulite cream.

Many manufacturers of reputable cellulite creams offer all natural products that facilitate cellulite removal. This is a far more effective method than laser treatments as the laser merely burns off surface tissue. With a cellulite cream, you get past the dermal layers of skin to the trapped pockets of fat below. In time, the ingredients of a tried and true cellulite cream will aid the lymphatic system in flushing away accumulated fatty deposits.

Even gorgeous older beauties like Sharon Stone can get cellulite. The trick is affordable cosmetic enhancements that are trusted and beneficial, like the use of trustworthy cellulite creams! Cellulite creams are a cheaper, safer alternative to surgery. Visit our best cellulite cream reviews section.

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