French Cosmetic Company Believes The Lotus Plant Treats Cellulite

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Silab, a French cosmetic company has announced their latest ingredient for reducing the appearance of cellulite. They call it Pro-Sveltyl; a botanical extract derived from the sacred lotus plant. The plant is believed to help reduce fat storage in the body because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

To back up their claims Silab revealed the results of their 28 day study. This study consisted of users applying daily treatments of Pro-Sveltyl with a 1 percent dosage. Results concluded a maximum reduction of 2cm in thigh circumference, 4.5 cm in hip circumference, and 5 cm in abdominal circumference.

With the warmer months approaching, Silab hopes to stay ahead of competitors. After all, many manufacturers constantly look for new ways to attract female consumers wanting to look their best in the summer months. We all know this involves a cellulite treatment that works!

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