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Uma Thurman CelluliteUma Thurman, born in Boston in 1970, will probably always be known as the Kill Bill vixen who took vengeance to untold proportions in Tarantino’s martial-arts action flick. She is also a mother who has adopted many of the badges of motherhood, including stretch marks and cellulite.

While we know that cellulite cannot be created by fat or pregnancy, it can be exacerbated by this condition, a fact that Uma Thurman knows all too well.

As mothers and women we understand what it is like to have something develop beyond our control that we will be harshly criticized for. And boy do people do enjoy casting stones—even those who share the same afflictions.

With Uma many woman were strangely sympathetic – perhaps because, unlike many celebrities, she always appeared to be down to earth and stayed out of the tabloids.

With all the information available about removing cellulite, one still has to wonder, why doesn't Uma? Maybe she hasn't found the right product!Uma Thurman Cellulite

Uma Thurman’s cellulite

What people fail to realize is that when these gorgeous Hollywood femmes hit the studios, they have the aid of very crafty make-up artists to magically erase figure and skin flaws. This may make cellulite removal seem like an unnecessary time and money expenditure to some stars.

However, they forget that when they go out in the public in bikinis, minis and shorts, the things that make up and retouch artists have tried so hard to reduce can be easily seen by the public—and the paparazzi!

This fact however, is fortunate, as women who may look up to Uma Thurman may be relived to learn she has the same human frailties as everyone else.

Treatments for cellulite

Besides which, simply because someone is a star doesn’t mean they are down with surgeries or invasive cosmetic enhancements. These individuals may have learned to simply live with their cellulite, as most women have.

The good news here is that you don’t have to. Today, many cellulite creams have been prove to be effective in removing the problem permanently. Ordinary gals as well as Uma Thurman can locate reputable manufacturers and procure a reliable anti-cellulite cream that works.

Don’t be fooled, there are real, cost effective ways to get rid of cellulite and one of them is the use of a quality cellulite cream.

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