What is the Best Cellulite Treatment?

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Cellulite is a problem that every woman will face at some point in her life. Research suggests that approximately 90% of women suffer from cellulite at least once in their lives; for many unlucky cellulite suffers, it can feel like the lumps and bumps never disappear, not matter how many different treatments for cellulite you try. It feels like a new treatment for cellulite come out every single year but nothing seems to work on the dreaded orange peel skin. Many women spend years searching for the best cellulite treatment to no avail. We're done the research for you and have a few contenders for best cellulite treatment. These include endermologie, mesotherapy and traditional cellulite creams.

Is Endermologie the Best Cellulite Treatment?

Many women are immediately enamored by endermologie, a specialized massage machine that stretches the connective tissues beneath the skin. This treatment for cellulite is non-invasive and may even be considered relaxing. Endermologie is approved by the FDA for use in the reduction of cellulite and is the best cellulite treatment for some women, especially those who experience benefits from generalized cellulite massage as well. Endermologie's results can last anywhere from 6 months to a year. Many women like mesotherapy because it is one of the few treatments for cellulite that provides lasting results.

However, endermologie is not the best cellulite treatment for everyone. For one thing, it takes multiple treatment sessions before you start seeing results. Depending on where you go, a full course of endermologie takes between 14 and 28 treatments, averaging one or two a week. All these treatments can add up quickly, especially when you have to receive treatment for cellulite once or twice a year to remain cellulite free.Cellulite Treatment

Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment

Another popular treatment for cellulite is mesotherapy, subdermal injections of medication for the purpose of oxidizing subcutaneous fat. Mesotherapy is considered to be a medical treatment for cellulite and is typically practiced by trained medical professionals in doctor's offices and med spas. Many women believe mesotherapy to be the best cellulite treatment because it directly targets the fat deposits responsible for the cottage cheese texture of cellulite. Results last between 6 and 8 months on average, making mesotherapy one of the longer lasting treatments for cellulite.

Unfortunately, mesotherapy is not the best cellulite treatment for everyone either. Women who are afraid of needles most likely will not pursue this treatment for cellulite. Much like endermologie, mesotherapy also requires a series of costly treatments in order to reduce cellulite. It takes 10-15 treatments per area to reduce cellulite and treatments are required twice a year in order to maintain results. There are also concerns about effectiveness and safety, depending on the type of medication used. There are several different medications currently in use with differing degrees of effectiveness and risk. At this time, mesotherapy is considered to be a treatment for cellulite instead of a drug and is thus not regulated by the FDA.

What Makes Cellulite Creams the Best Cellulite Treatment?

In our assessment, cellulite creams are the best cellulite treatment option available for the average woman. Cellulite creams are inexpensive to obtain and are a completely non-invasive treatment for cellulite. For many women, the ease of applying a cellulite cream once or twice a day in the privacy of their own home simply cannot be topped. Not to mention, creams are significantly less expensive than other treatments for cellulite, such as mesotherapy or endermologie. The best cellulite treatment creams contain a blend of cellulite fighting ingredients that provide multiple benefits, including toning the skin, increasing fat oxidation and reducing fluid retention.

Since we consider cellulite creams to be the best cellulite treatment available, it is only fair that we help you find the best cellulite cream as well. We have reviewed the leading products and have ranked them according to effectiveness. Find out more about the top rated cellulite creams.

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