Christina Aguilera Cellulite

Christina Aguilera Cellulite

Christina Aguilera has been a Disney mouseketeer, a successful teen pop star, a sultry songstress and Mother and wife. Throughout all her transitions she has had many battles, one of them being her very public battle with cellulite.

Celebrity Cellulite in the Media

Interestingly enough, when we start talking about cellulite, we only mention the Christina Aguileras and not the Tom Cruises. One would think that only women suffer from figure flaws which we know is not true. As women start to sag and wrinkle, men join them, obtaining unsightly paunches, receding hairlines. Men can also grow hairier in unsightly, undesirable places.

Cellulite gets the most attention because it is the hardest thing to cover up, especially if you are fond of wearing shorts and mini skirts like Christina.

In fact, it was in one photo where Christina was in a cute pair of black shorts that the media was able to point out the cellulite on the back of her legs.

One reporter even remarked that Christina needs to work out more to get rid of her cottage cheese thighs. What people who say things like this don’t understand is that cellulite can’t be exercised away.

Christina Aguilera Cellulite

Unbeknownst to most, there is a way to get rid of cellulite so that it never returns and this method is simple and inexpensive.

Erasing misconceptions about cellulite

Cellulite is really a trapped layer of fat just below the skin’s surface. This fat has little to do with exercise as it is the fat that normally exists in the body despite what we eat. Of course, being overweight can make cellulite worse, but even skinny girls can get cellulite, including the Christina Aguilera’s of the world.Editor's Choice

But diet and exercise will keep your body toned minimizing the look of cellulite. One can also take proactive steps to get rid of cellulite by purchasing a well known cellulite cream. Unlike laser surgery, which is costly and may not work at all, creams with the right ingredients, get past the upper dermal layers to remove trapped fat. Drinking water while using these creams can help flush the fat via the lymphatic system.

Christina is one of millions of women with cellulite but any and all can reduce the look of cellulite with the perfect cellulite cream!

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