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Yes, men get cellulite too, and while the numbers indicate that women are more likely to have cellulite than men, there are some indicators that the numbers in men can be higher. Because men tend to be less bothered by figure flaws, they are less apt to talk about them.

For the men who do feel bad about their cellulite, they may refuse to talk about it as well. Men are less inclined to discuss their perceived inadequacies for a number of reasons, with the biggest one being the fear that they will be ridiculed for being weak. They may also feel a bit isolated, falsely believing that they are one of the few men on earth that have cellulite.

Even celebrity males can have cellulite, just ask hunky Tom Cruise. He, like other male stars, have been airbrushed and photoshopped to death. These tricks serve to take away the human flaws that morph them from being mere men into sex gods.

Now, one can not officially say that Mr. Cruise had cellulite in the areas that women commonly show it, as men can and often do develop them in the abdomen and back of the thighs where the skin is the thinnest.

Tom Cruise CelluliteDoes Tom have cellulite?

Rumors fly that Tom Cruise is one of the few Hollywood Heartthrobs with cellulite that has to be covered with makeup — whether it's true or not, Tom could easily get rid of cellulite if he so desired. But what about the other countless men and women who don’t have access to million dollar trainers, dieticians, and procedures?Tom Cruise Cellulite

They too can eradicate unsightly cellulite making them look just as red carpet worthy as Cruise and his dish worthy wife Katie Holmes.

Cellulite creams are for both sexes

Although cellulite develops in different places on men than they do on women they can be treated the same way. Cellulite cream seeps past the tough upper layers of the skin and attack the trapped fat. This effectively removes it from the nooks and crannies below the dermis that keep it close to the surface of the skin.

With the use of this cream, alongside an increase in water intake and exercise, you will be able to take the cellulite off and keep it off.

Cellulite in men may be more common than we think, but with the right cellulite cream in hand, even men can combat this common skin issue and look Tom Cruise hot without the aid of photoshop.

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