Five MORE Famous Cellulite Myths Busted

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6. Cellulite is for overweight people

FALSE. Even thin and physically fit people have cellulite. As mentioned before, cellulite is a genetic issue and no exercise or diet will remove cellulite.

Keep in mind cellulite is fat located in the superficial layer of skin. This superficial layer is the last area to be affected by weight loss.

This is why no matter how hard you diet or exercise you just can't seem to get rid of cellulite. For this reason, cellulite treatment and weight management are two separate issues.

7. Cellulite creams reduce cellulite

TRUE. Although there has yet to be substantial medical research which proves that cellulite creams reduce cellulite, many products currently available have a lot of satisfied customers reporting better appearance.

8. Caffeine reduces cellulite

cellulite treatment FALSE. Caffeine is popular ingredient used in cellulite creams to reduce cellulite. However, there has yet to be research which proves that drinking caffeine reduces cellulite.

What is known is that caffeine when applied topically dehydrates the skin by removing excess water in the skin. This helps reduce the swelling appearance of cellulite. Skin is tightened and more firmed which gives the allusion of a reduction in cellulite.

However, don't pass up cellulite creams just because they don't remove cellulite. They work to enhance the appearance of your legs by toning and firming skin. With an effective cellulite reduction treatment they can be a powerful combination to reduce cellulite ignorantly.

Learn more about effective cellulite treatments.

9. Cellulite is for older people

FALSE. Girls as young as 14 can develop cellulite. Remember cellulite is a genetic trait. So if you want to know much cellulite you will have, take a look at your mother. Although young people can develop cellulite, there is reason why people believe cellulite is for older people.

As you age the elasticity in your skin diminishes making your skin thinner and unable to hold excess fat under the skin. The fat then bulges out and the appearance of cellulite is more visible. This is why older people have a tendency for higher stages of cellulite than younger people.

10. Cellulite treatments don't work

FALSE. While there has yet to be a cure to permanently eliminate cellulite, many cellulite treatments are effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Endermologie works to massage cellulite buildup so that the fat is redistributed into the blood stream and carried out the body.

The effects are positive but as I said before is not a permanent solution to cellulite. Patients treated with endermologie must have frequent treatments to maintain desired results.

Another great cellulite treatment is acoustic wave therapy. This cellulite treatment uses pressure waves to smooth out cellulite and thickens skin so cellulite is less visible.

The result is a reduced appearance of cellulite. There are many more effective cellulite treatments discussed in depth on our site. Update yourself on different cellulite treatments and find the right one for you.

Remember the best way to treat cellulite is a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, cellulite treatment, and cream.

Learn about amazing cellulite busters such as great exercise techniques, diet plans, cellulite treatments and cellulite creams. We have all the latest information you need on cellulite. Browse the site and find the advice you need!

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