Remedies for Losing Cellulite

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As we know women have a remedy for just about everything. Over the past year we have received amazing cellulite remedies for losing cellulite.

Below you will find the best of the best cellulite tips that work! How do we know, we went along and tried them our self.

But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what these wise women had to say!

cellulite treatment Anti-Cellulite Diet

"One of the best ways to reduce cellulite is to be aware of foods that make cellulite worse. Foods which cause your body to retain water work to plump cellulite in the skin.

The result is cellulite which looks more visible and engorged; something you definitely want to stay away from.

Foods to stay away from are caffeine, salty foods, or fatty foods because they create excess water in the body. Great diets to consider are food rich in nutrients like soy, blueberries and nuts. Onions are also great because they naturally release excess water in the body."

- Diane, FL

Cellulite Exercise

"Remember part of treating cellulite is creating a lifestyle which helps manage fat in the body. After all cellulite is excess fat stored in the body.

Building muscle mass in cellulite affected areas such as legs and buttocks help burn fat which later can turn into cellulite. Muscles also work to stretch and smooth dimpled skin. As a result legs will be firmer and you will feel great!

Some exercises which work out problem areas such as thighs and buttocks are walking, stair climbing, yoga, pilates, and squats."

-Tracy, NJ

Cellulite Massage

"Loosing cellulite may be difficult but doesn't have to be costly. If you have the time and patience you can loose cellulite at home. One great technique to smooth cellulite buildup is to massage cellulite areas daily with a body brush. You can do so in the shower or on dry skin.

To help increase circulation under the skin massage with an exfoliating body wash. Products which have caffeine or seaweed extract are also great at stimulating blood flow and getting those fat cells moving elsewhere!"

- Cassandra, TN

Cellulite Pantyhose

"Believe it or not wearing pantyhose helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and also enhances the appearance of your legs. The method is no rocket science but something women have been doing for years.

Many women often use body contouring garments to enhance their shape. For example, new mothers wear girdles after childbirth to regain shape in their waist and hips. Pantyhose work in the same fashion. They help to compress fat and help contour your thighs.

In fact, there are many cellulite reduction pantyhoses which help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Also, the fact that pantyhose and tights are making a fashion comeback makes it worth a try!"

- Miranda, NY

Cellulite Body Wrap

"My favorite cellulite treatment for losing cellulite is a cellulite body wrap. Take warm coffee grounds and spread on cellulite affected areas with a wash cloth. Wrap the area with moist seaweed, which can be purchased as health food stores.

Next cover with Saran wrap and leave it on for a half hour. Finally, unwrap and rinse off in the shower. Be sure to massage the areas as you rinse. Believe me it works; just take a look at expensive cellulite creams which use caffeine and seaweed."

- Robin, CA

Overall, we hope you learned some new remedies for losing cellulite. Remember while cellulite may never completely disappear there are ways to minimize it so you can look your best in a bikini.

If you're interested in learning about powerful methods to treating cellulite take a look at our cellulite treatments section.

Here you will find all the advice you need on treating your cellulite. Remember cellulite affects 90% of women; you are not alone! We hear ya!

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