A Permanent Cure for Cellulite?

For years we've been waiting for it; a cellulite cure. So far no cellulite treatment works to permanently get rid of cellulite. Now, a Welsh company in Llanelli is looking to change that.

smoothshapes 100Just recently they struck a deal to develop a painless laser cellulite treatment which they hope will permanently remove cellulite.

This laser treatment works by utilizing a combination of laser light and massage technology to reduce cellulite, relieve minor muscle aches, spasms, and improve blood circulation. The great news is that this treatment is FDA approved; making it one of the first cellulite treatments that will provide scientific documentation of efficacy.

It will be known as Smoothshapes 100 and in the next two years we can expect two hundred of these cellulite lasers manufactured. If all goes well, this may be the cellulite cure that has been so long overdue.

In the meantime, don't hold your breath and don't let cellulite get out of hand. Learn about the many effective cellulite treatments and treat your cellulite now.

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