Cellulite Exercises

The most important way you can eliminate cellulite is by building muscle; for every pound of muscle in your body, your body will burn an extra 50 calories a day.

Cellulite Exercises: Anaerobic

Anaerobic exercises are ideal in reducing cellulite because this type of exercise focuses on thighs, hips, and buttocks. Try using weight machines that target specific cellulite areas in your body such as your quads, hamstrings, or buttocks.

Anaerobic workouts are important because it helps metabolize fat in localized areas of the body and converts it to muscle. This is extremely beneficial for thin women who have cellulite since it helps them concentrate only on the body parts which have cellulite.

Anaerobic Workout Tips

cellulite treatment Great anaerobic workouts are leg curls and squats. This helps tone cellulite in thighs and buttocks. You don't need to lift heavy weights to get rid of cellulite. Consistency is the main goal.

Leg Curl:

At your local gym you will find great leg curl machines and exercise tools for squats. For the leg curl start with a comfortable but slightly challenging weight set; I recommend increasing your weight as you move on to the next set.

For example, I start with 50 lbs on my first set, then 60, and so on. Each set should consist of 10-12 repetitions. Rest for two minutes between each set then begin again. Complete a total of three sets.

Squat exercises can be done in many ways. You can use an exercise ball, bench, bar bell or Smith machine. I like to use all three methods on different days of my workout. You can start with any technique and in any order.

Exercise Ball Squat:

For the squat exercise using the exercise ball simply stand with your back to the wall. Place the ball directly behind your back and squat.

The ball makes squats more comfortable and easier to do since it gives you a slight bounce back up. It's just the right boost to keep me going. With the exercise ball, I usually am able to do more squats than with other methods.

Bench Squat:

The bench squat is also quite simple. Grab a bench or even a chair at home and pretend you are going to sit on it. Squat as low as you can without actually sitting down and get back up. Keep your pace slow and steady so that you feel your thighs and buttocks muscles working.

Squeeze your buttocks every time you get back up. You can do as many squats as you like but make sure you separate them into sets. This will help you stay focused and remind you to take small breaks in between.

Smith Machine:

The Smith machine provides you with much flexibility to challenge yourself. Use the Smith machine to do squats and lunges. You can start with just the bar itself then slowly add weights to increase your workout and muscle gain.

Remember to place a cushion padding on the bar so that you don't hurt your neck.

Place the bar behind your neck and shoulders. Perform squats or lunges slowly. You can also place a bench behind you for a combination of the bench squat exercise mentioned above. Lower yourself to the bench and get up, pushing off on your heels.

Do not use your back muscles to push yourself up; you can hurt yourself this way. If you feel you are using your back muscles it can be a hint that the weights are too heavy. Remember to do three sets of repetitions. Ideal sets consist of 10-15 reps.

To get rid of cellulite, you should exercise with light weights 3 times each week. Your weight lifting exercise schedule can be as little as15 minutes a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The days you exercise doesn't matter, as long as you don't weight train on consecutive days.

Break up your workout schedule by doing cardiovascular exercises one day such as walking or running and weight training on other days. It's also extremely important to give your body a day to rest between workouts.

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