Cellulite Workout

One of the best ways to permanently reduce cellulite is by creating a personalized cellulite workout. The best cellulite workouts include aerobic (or cardiovascular) elements and anaerobic cellulite exercises (strength training).

Aerobic Cellulite Workout

You should establish an aerobic or cardiovascular exercises workout for yourself by taking walks, jogging, taking aerobic classes, stair climbing, biking or by swimming. When you are exercising your body can burn up to 15 times more calories than when you are sitting down watching TV.

With the TV in mind, you can purchase a tape or DVD that focuses on a cellulite workout regimen and follow along. This is an inexpensive and effective way to exercise and stimulate your circulation. Scientific data has determined that aerobic exercising increases your body's circulation, which flushes out the toxins and other impurities that cause cellulite.

Anaerobic Cellulite Workout

cellulite treatment Anaerobic exercises, or strength training, are also an essential component to your exercise regimen. This aspect of the training helps tone your body. These exercises would require the use of weights, elastic bands, your own body weight (for exercises such as push ups) dumb bells, and exercise machines that target areas where cellulite concentrates such as the hips, legs and butt area.

If you decide to join a gym that has a variety of exercise machines, you should concentrate on the machines that allow you to do seated leg curls, leg extension, hip adduction and hip abduction, the leg press and the seated row. You can ask an instructor for help locating these machines or ask for advice on what machines in your gym will assist you in reducing body fat and toning your muscles.

If you are working out at home or in the gym you can also do squats, lunges and leg lifts, which are all geared toward toning your lower body.

Cellulite Solutions

A cellulite workout is one of the best solutions for helping you battle that unsightly cottage cheese appearance. Be disciplined and remember, each day that you workout you will be closer to toning your body and increasing your circulation. Also, be prepared to exercise at least three days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes for each component – aerobic and anaerobic.

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